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1999 NRE Spring Workshop

Newtown, Centreville, Twillingate & Gander, Newfoundland


Photos of the 1999 NRE Workshop

New Rural Economy
Spring Workshop
May 26-30, 1999
Centreville - Newtown - Gander, Newfoundland
Report to Funding Bodies: HRDC, ACOA


The spring workshop of the New Rural Economy team was made possible by the generous funding of Human Resources and Development Canada, and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency of Newfoundland. As a result, the team of approximately 25, was able to: tour a good portion of the Island of Newfoundland; meet and form networks with many representatives of Newfoundland communities, business and government; share individual experiences from across Canada, the United States and Japan; put closure on some earlier projects which were now completed or near to completion; and, generate new ideas and interests for future research and funding. The itineraries of the workshop as well as the minutes from each meeting follow as appendices.

What is the New Rural Economy? What would be some of the keywords that we can identify as part of the NRE?

- Dependency and Integration

- Diversity (rural Can. is not homogeneous)

- Diversified (more pluriactivity is required for survival)

- Natural Resources depend more on rural sectors than the other way around. - greater symbiosis

- Marginalization

- Growing Importance of Amenities

- Growing exposure to global forces

Who was there?

Bill Reimer - Acting manager of the New Rural Economy, former president of CRRF, Member of NRE Steering Committee

Roger des Ormeaux - Data Archivist for the NRE

Anna Woodrow - Executive Assistant for NRE, collaborative report writer for Protocol's research.

Tolson Parsons - HRDC Program Officer - Newfoundland (Friday only)

André Joyal - Université du Québec à Trois Rivières, Member of NRE Steering Committee

Ken Donnelly - HRDC representative from Ottawa

Taylor Hall - HRDC Newfoundland, conference organizer

Patrice Leblanc - Université du Québec à Abitibi-Temiscamingue; NRE Québec site researcher, Ste. Roche de Mékinac and Taschereau; Member of the NRE Methodology Task Force

Bruno Jean - Université du Québec à Rimouski, President of CRRF, Member of the NRE Steering Committee, NRE Site researcher: Cap à L'Aigle, Ste. Françoise, Armagh, site researcher for 3rd Sector Workgroup

Ellen Wall - University of Guelph, site researcher for Southern Ontario, site researcher and report writer for 3rd Sector Workgroup.

Don Hogan - representative from ACOA Newfoundland

Shirley Dawe - University of Aberdeen, site researcher for Newfoundland, Twillingate and Winterton

Heather Johannesen - Site researcher for Nova Scotia, Springhill and Indian Brook

Harold Behrer - Université de Laval, researcher interested in linking with the NRE

Derek Wilkinson - member of the NRE Methodology Task Force, site researcher for Northern Ontario, Seguin and Pic Mobert, collaborative report writer for Protocol's research.

Tom Beckley - Industry Canada - Forestry Services; member of the NRE Steering committee; member of the NRE Methodology Task Force

Bob Cumming - Rural Secretariat representative

Myriam Simard - Université du Québec à Montréal, INRS Culture et Société, interested in linking with the NRE research project on rural youth migration.

Ray Bollman - Statistics Canada, former member of the steering committee

Peter Apedaile - CRRF board member, site researcher Alberta, Hussar, Ferintosh, Girouxville

Tsuboi, Nobuhiro - IRR 2000 representative - researcher for Japan sites to compare with NRE

Masashi Tachikawa - IRR 2000 - researcher for Japan sites to compare with NRE

Paul Parsons - ACOA Newfoundland representative, conference organizer

What did we do?

- round table discussions on sites (including Japan)

- new ideas presented

- CRRF board meeting

- NRE steering committee meeting

- Discussion on methodological issues

- NRE methodology committee meeting

- Conference call with 3rd sector group

- Site validations and Protocols report

- International Liasons

- Data Centre progress report

- Development of future projects

What has been accomplished?

Update on Nelson Conference. Successful meeting,

Ongoing work on:

Major Changes in Rural Canada that came out of that meeting - had a workshop in Magog to discuss the papers and these will be used as a focus for guiding our thinking on the NRE, and will be put into a book. Bill would like support to go another round on the materials and tighten up the focus of it.

The third sector workgroup has been looking at the impacts of the voluntary orgs., etc., on the rural economy

Updating of the Access to Government Services Report

Validation of Sampling Frame - are the sites in the cells they belong? Is our data a good measure of the sites we selected?

Lagging/Leading Regions

Site Activities - 25 of 32 sites Okanese 82; Benito; Rhineland; Port Alice; Arctic Bay.

Workshop in May in Ottawa to bring together the researchers from around the country.

Working on a development of a measure of processes on stresses and capacity building on rural areas.

New Liason with Japan. They will be taking a tour of some Quebec sites before Nobuhiro returns to Japan. Bill encouraged everyone to check out the different sites.

Web-site - up an running, constantly being updated - feel free to check it out:

Some important points - a sharing of information, and exchange of what is relevant for you, means that we need to analyse the data - i.e. question of lag/lead we can look at general trends, regional trends and linking the local to the general. What we have now is the data for the 1986, 1991, 1996 census, up and running with links to all three. The problem we have with them are the boundary problems which keep changing. We also have a subset of all CSDs which allow us to look over time, with only those CSDS which haven't had boundary changes. The data is available and will be further available in June. Anyone with access to Data Liberation Initiatives may have this data made available to them. Furthermore, we would be happy to carry out analysis for researchers who are interested in such comparisons - you can have us contact them. We are putting together a package for the basic info for the 32 sites. This will also be prepared regionally and nationally.

Four themes have been put to us:

Spatial /Labour Dynamics (Ellen, Tony)

Inclusion/Exclusion (Bill)

Enterprises/ Institutions (Andre)

Resource-based Communities (Tom, Michael)

3rd Sector Workgroup (Greg, David, Ellen, Joan)

Access to Government Services (Bill, site researchers)

Rural Labour Markets (Ellen, S. Ont)


Rurality (Bruno)

Aboriginal Communities (Bill)

History of Rural Policy (Fairbairn)

Complex Dynamic Systems (Peter)

Capacity Profile

Small Market Enterprises (Andre)

Capacity Building

Human Capacity (Ray)

Youth Migration

Health (Looker?)

Rural Financing (Mario)

Climate Change (Heather)

Sustainable Livelihood (UNDP, Fuller)

Sampling Frame


Site Validation

Data Base


Crime and Suicides (Peter, Bill)

Major Changes

What is nearly done? - 3rd sector, protocols, validation, major changes revisions.

What is the next focus?

Projects to move ahead on:

- Community capacity

- opportunities/constraints for rural return migration

- Rural enterprises and Networks

- Dynamics of Leading/Lagging

- Evaluation of Sample grid

- Livelihood Strategies


Exploratory and potential projects:

- Changes in financial resources

- Access to services

- Systems of inclusion/exclusion

- Impacts of climate changes

- Evaluating Rural Indicators

- Update of sectoral dependencies

- Rural health/retention of doctors

- Social cohesion


New Mandate: Exchanges between sites - Commitment to the community and site relations


Fast Track:

Community Capacity Building

Opportunities and Constraints for Rural Return Migration in the New Rural Economy

Rural Enterprises - Small Enterprises - put something together for Industry Canada

Dynamic Leading and Lagging