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The Canada/Japan Project:
A collaborative research initiative on rural issues

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Principal Investigator: Nobuhiro TSUBOI

(e-mail )

Link to the CJ project website via
The National Agriculture Research Center (NARC):

In January 2001, members of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) were invited to Japan by the Institute for Rural Revitalization In The 21st Century (IRR21). This visit was part of a 3 year collaborative project between IRR21 and CRRF researchers to compare policies, practices, and approaches to the question of rural community renewal in the face of increasing globalizaton of their economies. The Canada-Japan (CJ) collaboration includes participants from CRRF and IRR21.

See a report and photos of the CRRF visit to Japan in 2001

CJ report and photos of the CRRF visit to Japan in 2002
(in PDF format)

Study Site 1: Iitate village, located in the Fukushima Prefecture

Map of Iitate (1.4 Megs)

Study Site 2: Awano village, located in the Tochigi Prefecture

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Japanese site 1, Iitate: iitate.ppt

Japanese site 2, Awano: awano.ppt