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Site 14 - North Plantagenet, Ontario

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In 1997, North Plantagenet Township was amalgamated into a two tier system with the Municipality of Alfred and Plantagenet (lower tier of government) and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (upper tier of government). The former Township of North Plantagenet is comprised of the following villages and towns: Curran, Wendover, Treadwell, Pendleton, and a small portion of Plantagenet. The
population is predominantly French-speaking, although most residents are bilingual. The study area is largely Franco-Ontarian and exhibits a sense of pride in being distinct from the French of Québec.

There is a modest farming economy with a mixed commuter pattern largely dependent on the City of Ottawa. Plantagenet, the village, is the main service centre for people from North Plantagenet, however, most people tend to go to Ottawa, Rockland, Hawksbury, Alfred, L'Original or Casselman for retail
provisions. The proximity to the City of Ottawa is paramount in understanding many of the features of the community, namely ex-urban residential growth and high levels of out-commuting. The commute to Ottawa is anywhere from 50-70 kilometres depending where you depart from with in North Plantagenet.

The population of North Plantagenet, Ontario has grown from 3,733 residents in 1996 to 3,848 residents in 2001 (Statistics Canada 2001). Overall, it still has an older family oriented population. While there is a relatively small population of seniors, a number of residents are also close to approaching retirement. This will have important implications for planning the delivery of a range of services, such as health services and social housing. The community also faces a challenge with youth out-migration.


Alfred College

Alfred-Plantagenet Municipal Office

Curran Business

Curran Business

Curran Church

Curran Forum

Curran Outdoor Rink

Curran Playground

Curran Recreation Centre and Library

Curran Tavern

Curran Tennis Courts

Welcome to Curran

Curran Agricultural Land

Curran - Elizabeth Street

Municipal Office

Papanack Zoo

Welcome to Pendelton

Plantagenet EMS Dispatch


Wendover Ball Diamond

Wendover Community Centre

Wendover Docks

Wendover Docks

Wendover Water Tower

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