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Site 15 - Tweed, Ontario

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Tweed is a town which had a population of 1,572 in 1996 and is located in Hastings County on a route between Toronto and Ottawa. It acts as a service centre for the surrounding farm and rural non-farm community and lies 38 kms north of Belleville. Tweed's manufacturing industry and public service sectors have declined in the current economy which is mixed, based on tourism and retirement functions as well as retail and agricultural services. Despite a lagging classification, Tweed has vibrant and enthusiastic community representatives who are eager to improve economic conditions.

Tweed's residents have a strong identification with the community and are willing to work hard at improving its economic development. Recent changes related to loss of services have created some stress for the community. Based on the sampling grid factors, Tweed is described economically as having low global exposure with stable tendencies; metro adjacent; lagging; and having high capabilities, all of which ring true from early assessments.

In 1991, Tweed had a relatively large percentage (23 per cent)of its population over 65 years of age which contributes to the fact that employment income constitutes only 54.8 per cent of the village's total income while government transfer payments and other income made up approximately 43 per cent. Because the community is a village, there was no employment in primary sector; trade, manufacturing and other categories represent the main areas of employment. Statistics also reveal that 38 per cent of Tweed's labour force commutes out of the village for employment. For those that remain, self employment, especially for males, is relatively high compared to national standards. Numerous opportunities for employment appear to exist in the village's private and public service establishments. Given that 122 of these have been identified, it appears that Tweed enjoys an important central role in its economic and social maintenance.

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