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Site 16 - Carden, Ontario

Local Website / Site Internet local :

Carden Township, which had a population of 803 for permanent residents and 1325 for seasonal in 1996, is located in Victoria County, north of the Region of Durham on the southern edge of Ontario's "cottage country". Carden is metro adjacent and has dispersed settlement patterns with pockets of summer cottages around small lakes, where conditions are poor for farming (limestone platform). The northeastern population is drawn toward Orillia (30 kms) for jobs and services, while the southwestern population depends to some extent on Lindsay (58 kms).

Residents appear to have little community identification with Carden, using neighbouring centres for meeting their needs. Based on the sampling grid factors, Carden is described economically as having low global exposure with fluctuating tendencies; metro adjacent; leading; and having high capabilities. Preliminary site visits and data collection might challenge the "leading" and "high capabilities" notion.

Agriculture plays a modest to insignificant role in the community's economic activity. Soil type and other limitations are clearly important factors in this situation. Otherwise, residents are employed in construction, manufacturing, trade and other categories with the majority (82.7 percent) traveling outside the site for work. A number of residents are those who have retired to the area, turning their previously summer homes into permanent residences.

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