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Articles & Communiqués

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Article: Autonomy and Discretion in Local Governance: A Rural and Small Town Perspective , by Victoria Hagens, Becky Lipton, Benoy Jacob and Bill Reimer. Published in "Municipal World", April 2006

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Article: Local resident Helps Community Recreate Itself - Spotlight on David Bruce,
     Sackville Tribune-Post, March 1, 2006

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Article: Sociologist explores world of whale hunters and watchers,
     the work of Katja Neves-Graca

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) CRRF Annual Fall Conference Twillingate, Newfoundland, October 2005

     Twillingate Conference Press release

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Concordia University "Panorama" Magazine articles on the NRE2 Project
    December 2004

Press Release: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 19 March 2001:

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) G of C provides $50,000 to CRRF

Communiqué de presse : Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada, 19 mars 2001 :
arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Gouv. du Canada octroie $50,000 à la FCRR

Press Release: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 16 March 2001:
arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Funding for three rural projects

Communiqué de presse : Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada, 16 mars 2001 :
arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Financement pour trois projets ruraux

National Post Article, 9 March 2001:
Article du National Post, 9 mars 2001
arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Income Gap Shrinking Between Rural and Urban Canadians