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NRE Spring and Fall Workshops, 1999

The NRE Spring 1999 workshop will be held in Newtown, near Twillingate, NF, from May 26th to 30th.

1999 Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation
Spring Workshop and Site Visit


The New Rural Economy
Gander - Centreville - Newtown - Twillingate
"All Around the Circle"
26-30 May 1999

Dear 1999 CRRF Spring Workshop Participants:

The Spring Workshop is fast approaching and arrangements are falling into place. Don Hogan from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and I have been working with a committee in the Newtown area to arrange workshop logistics and a visit to one of the Newfoundland NRE sites. We are also arranging a meeting with representatives of the twenty Regional Economic Development Boards (REDBs) in Newfoundland and Labrador, so it should be a great opportunity for all involved to share knowledge and experience in community economic development.

Margie Slaney and Taylor Hall, who work with me in the Provincial Department of Development and Rural Renewal, are assisting with the planning process. Dr. Audrey Manning, with the Cape Freels Heritage Trust, is heading up a team in the area of the workshop which is taking care of local logistics. The names and contact information for the full organizing committee is attached. Funding support for the local logistics committee has been received from the Provincial Departrnent of Human Resources and Employment. The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Economic Renewal Agreement has also provided funding to assist with the travel costs for a few CRRF members. who will then be called upon to provide presentations to the REDBs when we meet with them in Gander. A registration fee will be charged to those participants whose organizations can afford it . CRRF will arrange to cover the registration and other costs for participants who need assistance. Please contact Bill Reimer to find out the registration fee or if you need to access support to cover it.

Some accommodations will need to be shared. We also need to know if you have special dietary needs. Be sure to complete the attached response sheet and fax back to Margie Slaney as soon as possible. All meals and accommodations are covered in the registration fee. Be sure to bring money to purchase local crafts and the odd beverage to go with the "socials" that are built into the agenda. If you wish to arrive early or stay late, please contact Jeannie Stokes or Suzette Sheppard on the local organizing committee for assistance or information. A Newfoundland and Labrador tourism information kit will be forwarded to all participants.

The North East Coast of Newfoundland is a starkly beautiful region, with rugged seascapes and very hospitable people. The weather in spring is not always hospitable, so along with a pair of shorts and tea shirt, bring along a winter coat and some longjohns! You will also want your camera, as we will likely see whales and we will be in prime iceberg viewing season in the best part of the province to see these giants floating down with the Labrador Current. There are also plenty of sea birds and lots of picturesque fishing communities. To gain an understanding of the Newfoundland way of life, there are some excellent novels that I recommend if you have some time before you get here:

Cassie Brown, Death on the Ice [many of the sea captains and crews who went to the seal hunt came from the communities we'll be in]

David McFarlene, The Danger Tree [a "mainland" boy with a Newfoundland mother discovers his roots; a great insight into Newfoundland before joining Confederation, the importance of the logging industry and the devastating impact of the "Great War" on a generation of Newfoundland families]

Bernice Morgan, Random Passage and Waiting for Time [traces a Newfoundland family from their origins in the West County of England, to the poverty of outport life, to modem-day fisheries crisis and out-migration; great story and characters - and captures the Newfoundland stoic humor and survival capacity!]

If you have any questions or requests for information feel free to contact any of us on the organizing committee.

The itinerary is shaping up as follows:

Wednesday May 26th

Arrive Gander International Airport by 2:00 p.m.

- meet Newfoundland participants who will have vans to drive to Centreville (or rent your own vehicle)

- alternatively, arrive St. John's by 10:00 am. Wednesday and drive out to Centreville with Newfoundland participants (or rent your own vehicle)

- if you cannot make it until Wednesday night let Margie Slaney know and we will attempt to arrange alternate transportation directly to accommodations in or near Newtown (you will miss Centreville tours of businesses and comrnunity dinner)

Brief stop at Joey Smallwood Memorial in Gambo and view the Dover Fault en route to Centreville.

Arrive Centreville by 4:00; community was designated centre for resettlement in 1960s; now is home to several export-oriented, value added manufacturing processing businesses; choose one business visit option (see business profiles attached):

Option 1: Indian Bay Frozen Foods and New Wood Manufacturing


Option 2: Woodpick Enterprises and Fiberglass Works

Supper provided by Centreville Firettes.

Travel to accommodations in or near Newtown.

Thursday, May 27th

Breakfast at accommodations

8:00 am: NRE Workshop commences, Barbour Site, Newtown

- working lunch

4:00 pm: session concludes

- CRRF Board Meeting (6 self-sacrificing people!)

- others choose from 2 options:

Option 1: Tour Beothuck Fish Processors


Option 2; Tour Barbour Site

7:00 pm: Lobster Supper at Barbour Site; local entertainment; learn to party like a Newfoundlander (but don't try to keep up - it may be hazardous to your health!)

Friday, May 28th

Breakfast at accommodations

9:00 am: NRE Workshop resumes, Barbour Site, Newtown

- working lunch

4:00 pm: session concludes

- NRE Methodology Committee Meeting (4 self-sacrificing people!)

- NRE Steering Comrnittee Meeting (5 more self-sacrificing people!)

- others choose from 2 options:

Option 1: Tour Greenspond Courthouse


Option 2:Free Time (spend lots of money on local crafts!)

7:30 pm: Supper with local community representatives at Barbour Site.

Saturday, May 29th

Breakfast in Accommodations

9:00 am: Depart for Twillingate (NRE Research Site)

View Banting Interpretation Centre, Musgrave Harbour, en route

11:30 am: Arrive Twillingate Lighthouse; tour; photograph icebergs?! !

12:00 noon: Lunch with community representatives

1:30 pm: depart Twillingate for Gander

3:00 pm : arrive Hotel Gander

3:30 pm: Closing NRE Workshop Session

7:00 pm: Dinner with REDB representatives, sponsored by ACOA; Bill Reimer presentation on NRE followed by Q&A/Discussion session sharing lessons for rural Canada.

Sunday May 30th

9:00 am : Parallel Sessions with REDB representatives and CRRF Resource People

Session a) Accessing and Using Data for Rural Development, Ray Bollman, Statistics Canada


Newfoundland REDIS GIS and Community Profiles Teams

Session b) Local Government and Rural Development Across Canada, Dick Rounds, Brandon University


Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Municipalities

Session c) The Tennessee Valley Authority: Lessons in moving from Planning to Implementation David Freshwater, University of Kentucky

Session d) The Rural Secretariat and the Canadian Rural Partnerships Progam

11:00 am You're free! ! !

For more information, please contact the NRE Data Centre at:

Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer avec le Centre de données de la NÉR:

or Bill Reimer at:

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