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CRRF/NRRN/NRE2 Annual Conference 2006

"A Rural Canada Meeting of Minds"

Gatineau, Québec
and Township of Lanark Highlands, Ontario
October 26-28, 2006



Posters from the Conference

Breaking New Ground: Women, Networks and Farm Entry in BC
Becky Lipton, MA, Concordia

Endogenous Development Initiatives and the Economic Development of Rural Regions: The Case of Canadian Prairie Rural Non-Metro-Adjacent Regions
Abdulkarim Alhowaish, University of Guelph

Addressing Human Resource Challenges in Voluntary Organizations
in Rural & Small Town Canada

Greg Halseth and Laura Ryser, UNBC
Changes in Service Provision in Rural and Small Town Canada
by Greg Halseth and Laura Ryser, UNBC
Climate Change in Rural Canada: Adaptive Capacity in Four Communities
Ellen Wall, Katia Marzall & B. Leigh Golden
Beyond Rural Professional Recruitment : Preliminary results from two rural communities that have successfully retained family physicians
Pamela J. Cameron and David C. Este, University of Calgary
Social Capital, Leadership and Community Economic Development
in a Resource Depletion Context

Monique Goguen Campbell  and Michael Murray, Memorial University of Newfoundland
The Role of Religion in Rural Canada
Paul Gareau, Concordia University
Community Vulnerability to Population Decline
Alessandro Alasia, Statistics Canada
The Deployment of Partnerships by the Voluntary Sector
in Rural & Small Town Canada

Greg Halseth and Laura Ryser, UNBC
Technology Mediated learning in Rural Communities
Lindsay Lyghtle, David Bruce and Matthew MacInnis
Mount Allison University
Use of Internet by Volunteer Groups
Lindsay Lyghtle, David Bruce and Matthew MacInnis
Mount Allison University
The Alberta SuperNet and Rural Business
Cooper Langford, Stelvia Matos & Amanda Williams


PowerPoint presentations from the Conference

From Day 1 (26 October) NRRN Presenters
Warrnambool to Wick to Winterton: Policy implications for local governance, community and network in Australia and Canada
Kevin O’Toole, Deakin University
Mapping the Rural-Urban Interface:
A New Frontier in Rural-Urban Research

Mark Partridge, Ohio State University
& Rose Olfert, University of Saskatchewan
What’s Wrong With Rural Policy and How Might We Fix It?
David Freshwater, University of Kentucky
From Day 2 (27 October) NRE Presenters
The New Rural Economy Project: 1997-2006
Bill Reimer
Insights from the Communications Theme
David Bruce, Ivan Emke, Doug Ramsey, Bill Reimer, Derek Wilkinson,
Anna Woodrow
Qu’avons-nous appris sur gouvernance rurale? Idées et implications
Bruno Jean
Service Restructuring and Building Capacity in Rural & Small Town Places
Laura Ryser (and Greg Halseth)
Accompanying oral presentation
The things we learned about rural capacity in the new economy - The Environment Theme Team
Tom Beckley, Diane Martz, Ellen Wall, Solange Nadeau, John Parkins, Sara Teitelbaum, Emily Huddart, Asaf Rashid, Katia Marzall, Ingrid Brueckner
From Day 3 (28 October)
Rural Canada: Drivers and Riders
Ray D. Bollman, Statistics Canada
Anticipating Rural Futures
Bill Reimer

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