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The Ferintosh Papers

These papers were presented by NRE2 researchers at the NRE2 Spring Workshop in Ferintosh, Alberta, April 2003.

Tom Beckley and Sara Teitelbaum
Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water: A National Overview of Subsistence Practices in Rural Canada
Ellen Wall, David Connell, Masashi Tachikawa and Ken-ichi Yabe
The Voluntary Sector in Rural Communities: A Comparison of Japan and Canada
David Bruce
Connecting to the Connecting Canadians Agenda: Rural Internet Use for Government Information
Bill Reimer
Understanding Social Capital: its Nature and Manifestations in Rural Canada
Derek Wilkinson
A Commentary on Statistics Canada’s Rural and Small Town Analysis Bulletin, June 12, 2003
Bruno Jean
The Road to Successful Rural Community Development: Ten Winning Conditions
Omer Chouinard, Pierre-Marcel Desjardins and Eric Forgues
Les défis de la communauté de Neguac: puiser dans le capital social de la coopération à partir de l’étude de cas de la caisse populaire acadienne de la communauté locale
Peter Apedaile, Matsuhiro Nakagawa and Ray Bollman
Sensitivity of Rural Enterprises to Globalization and Trade Liberalization: A Japan/Canada Comparison
Ivan Emke
Media as Resource: Using Media to Manage Change in Rural Households
Deatra Walsh and Doug Ramsey
Civic Participation in Twillingate, NL: Identifying the Inactive as a Strategy for More Targeted Capacity Building
Diane Martz
Four Capitals and Four Capacities in Four Prairie Communities