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These data have been included on the web-site to give interested users a "flavour" of the baseline studies. We hope that the data will be used by other researchers and teachers, perhaps making comparisons with other towns. Please note that all the information is copyright by the University of Plymouth. No portion may be reproduced for sale. The correct bibliographic citation is a follows:

Errington,A.J. (1998) The New Rural Economy and the Emerging Agenda for Rural Development Research, Keynote Paper presented to the 60th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Nijmegen, The Netherlands,11-14 November 1998.

For personal research drawing on this data and leading to reports, conference papers or publication you must apply for permission (which will not normally be withheld) stating where the findings will appear. Write to:

Professor Andrew Errington, Seale-Hayne Faculty, The University of Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6NQ, England.

Fax: +44 1626 325657


The data is held in SPSS format. It contains information from self-completion surveys of a systematic sample of the people living in about 180 households in each town. Confined to individuals aged 16 or more it includes their demographic characteristics, their occupation (and location of employment), some of their shopping patterns and their view of some key local facilities and how these have changed over the last five years. In selecting and presenting these data we have taken care to maintain confidentiality (for example by using age-group categories and excluding a number of variables held in the original data). Nevertheless, this data, together with the summary reports held elsewhere on this web-site will give you a good flavour of the baseline studies.

Having down-loaded the data we recommend that you start by looking at all the variable labels - use "Utilities/Variables". You may then want to look at particular characteristics (such as the occupational category of the respondents) before going on to examine how some responses (such as the respondent's view of the town's facilities) vary according to personal characteristics such as the respondent's age and where they have lived prior to moving to this town.

Town of Bude data in SPSS format


Town of Liskeard data in SPSS format