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Suggested Readings on Rural Issues
Lectures suggérées sur la ruralité

The files below are in Adobe PDF format, and require
Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Les fichiers ci-dessous sont en format Adobe PDF et Adobe Acrobat Reader est requis pour en faire la lecture.

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Spending patterns in Canada 1999

The survey collects information about expenditures by households and
families in Canada on a wide variety of goods and services, from food and
shelter to pet expenses and movie admissions. It also collects data about
dwelling characteristics, household appliances, home entertainment and
communications equipment and vehicles.

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Internet use among older Canadians, 2000

Data for this report are from Cycle 14 of the GSS, "Access to and use of information communication technology." The GSS is an annual telephone sample survey covering the non-institutionalized population aged 15 and over in all provinces but not the territories. The topic in 2000 was access to and use of computer and Internet technology. Data were collected over a 12-month period, with a different sample each month. Internet penetration rates were estimated on the basis of the respondent's reported use during the previous year, from the time of the survey. Data on use were estimated based on the respondent's use during the previous month.
The representative sample had 25,090 respondents, representing an 81% response rate. The survey results include information from 6,178 persons aged 60 and over, 2,403 men and 3,775 women. These were weighted to represent 2,191,600 men and 2,676,200 women in this age group.

  arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating 2000

This release is based on the report Caring Canadians, involved Canadians, which analyzes results from the National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (NSGVP), the most comprehensive survey of its kind in Canada. It records how Canadians give money and other resources to individuals and to charitable and non-profit organizations; how they volunteer time to charitable and non-profit organizations and directly to indivduals; and how they participate in organizations and civic life.
The survey, first conducted by Statistics Canada in 1997 as a supplement to the Labour Force Survey, was repeated in the fall of 2000. The 2000 survey was based on a representative sample of 14,724 Canadians aged 15 and over.

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Food insecurity in Canadian households 1998/99

This release is drawn from "Food insecurity in Canadian households", one of
three feature articles that appear in the latest edition of Health reports,
available today. Data for all three articles came from the National
Population Health Survey.
For the article on food insecurity, data from the cross-sectional household
component of the 1998/99 NPHS are analyzed. Those who identified themselves
as living in food-insecure households were asked a set of supplementary
questions, such as the use of food banks and problems feeding children.
These questions were posed on behalf of Human Resources Development Canada.
Data for the other two articles, which are on heart disease and physical
activity, were derived from the longitudinal household components of the
1994/95, 1996/97 and 1998/99 NPHS.

arrow-red_right.gif (101 bytes) Farm operators income 1999

These estimates refer to the income of farm operators involved in one or
more unincorporated or incorporated farms. These estimates encompass
unincorporated farms with gross operating revenues of $10,000 or more in
1999, and incorporated farms with total agricultural sales of $25,000 or
more in 1999. Estimates for total income of farm families for 1998 were
released in The Daily on April 24, 2001.