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CRRF Annual Fall Conference 2005

 Twillingate, Newfoundland and Labrador, October 13 to 15

"Big Lessons from Small Places"

Slideshow of the 2005 CRRF Conference

Abstracts of Conference presentations (PDF)

Final program of the Conference (PDF)

Original Press Release (PDF)

PowerPoint Presentations given and discussed at the Workshop:

Initiating and Managing Change in Small Jurisdictions:
Lessons from Canada and the North Atlantic Rim

Rob Greenwood, CRRF President
 Governance of Natural Resources in Rural Canada: Issues and Outlook
 Tom Beckley, University of New Brunswick
Le « renforcement des capacités » et la gouvernance: les enseignements de la recherche sur la Nouvelle Économie Rurale
Bruno JEAN, Université du Québec à Rimouski
Rural Research in Canada: a personal view
Bill Reimer, Concordia University
How people from NRE sites judge various actors of local governance
Bruno JEAN, Université du Québec à Rimouski
A Capacity Framework: 6 Points of Comparison
Tara Lyons and Bill Reimer, Concordia University
Communications Infrastructure as Governance Tools
David Bruce, Mount Allison University
Vers une nouvelle gouvernance dans une communauté en milieu minoritaire
Hélène Devarennes et Omer Chouinard, Université du Nouveau Brunswick
Environmental attitudes and behaviour in Canada:
Common Ground or a Rural-Urban Divide?

Emily Huddart, Solange Nadeau, Bonita McFarlane and Tom Beckley
Sustaining Innovative Service Providers & Voluntary Organizations
Laura Ryser and Greg Halseth, University of Northern British Columbia
Service Provision in Rural and Small Town Canada:
Challenges & Opportunities for Twillingate

Laura Ryser and Greg Halseth, University of Northern British Columbia
Meeting Everyday Challenges in Rural Communities: Understanding the role of discretion in municipal financial management
Presenters: Becky Lipton, Victoria Hagens
Authors: Victoria Hagens, Becky Lipton, Benoy Jacob, and Bill Reimer
Le renforcement des capacités de développement des communautés rurales : le cas des Pactes ruraux au Québec
Bruno JEAN, Université du Québec à Rimouski
Forest Advisory Committees in Québec: An Effective tool for Public Participation?
Solange Nadeau & Catherine Martineau-Delisle


PowerPoint Presentations Presented at the Twillingate "NRE Exchange Night":

“Not from around here, are you…?”
Twillingate, as seen through the NRE Lens

Ivan Emke's Overview
Hunted, Harvested and Homegrown: The Twillingate Story
Tom Beckley, University of New Brunswick
Internet Family Feud Twillingate vs. Rest of Rural Small Town Canada
David Bruce, Mount Allison University
Community Bulletin Posting Sites: How is Twillingate Unique?
Victoria Haggens